M60A3 1:35 Model Kit

M60A3 1:35 Model Kit

Paint and Glue/Cement Required.


The M60 tank entered service in the early 1960s in the US military. It was developed and designed to be the evolution of the famous M-47 and the later M-48 Patton. The M-60 became the US Army's main MBT (Main Battle Tank) during the Cold War years. It was produced until 1983 by the American Chrysler in over 15,000 copies and was used, in different versions, by the armed forces of numerous countries around the world. Its main armament consisted of a 105 mm M68 cannon. Installed in the turret. It was characterized by its large dimensions and by the adoption of a powerful V12 turbo diesel engine capable of guaranteeing good operating performance and a decent speed in all conditions of use. He has participated in numerous conflicts and has been employed in various operational scenarios. In 1976 the M60A3 version was created which included several improvements capable of increasing its operational effectiveness. The thickness of the turret armor was increased and a new guard was made for the gun. Significant improvements in on-board electronics and in the targeting system.

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