1978 Chevy Blazer Pulldozer 1:24 Model Kit

1:24 Scale
Skill Level: 4
Age Recommendation: 12+
122 Parts
Molded in White, Clear and Chrome.
Black Vinyl Tires
Massive Off Road Tires
Raised 4-Wheel Drive Suspension

Paint and Glue/Cement Sold Separately.

This classic "squarebody" is called "Pulled Pork", and it's guaranteed to take your mind off of the cotton candy and delicious BBQ at the county fair! In the US truck pulling is an outgrowth of tractor pulling, and it is an awesome, ear-splitting sight to see. Highly modified trucks equipped with powerful V-8 engines and aggressive, oversize tires match brute horsepower against a sled loaded with thousand of pounds of weight. Amidst the raucous scream of modified V-8's and clouds of dust churned up by the massive tires, these machines are incredibly exciting.

$47.99 +HST