1932 Ford Roadster 1:25 Model Kit

The age of hot rodding started in the late 40s, early 50s with young service men returning from the war. They wanted excitement and looked for it in fast cars. There were plenty of old Fords around and they were cheap. At first it was flatheads, but then came the small block Chevy and the hot rodders were off to the races. Today hot rods are not cheap. Instead they are the work of skilled craftsmen, but they still have that original hot rod spirit. Like this modern 32 Ford the experienced fabricators create works of art.

Skill Level: 4
Recommended Age: 12+
Scale: 1:25
Number of parts: 127
Length: 5.875 in
Width: 2.94 in
Height: 2.25 in

Kit Features:
Unique Duvall windshield & custom exhaust
Classic styled interior with bench seat
Modern super charged small block engine with choice of 2 carburetor intakes
Custom wheels and tires
Optional front and rear fenders
Choice of 3 graphic packages

Molded in White, Clear with chrome.

Paint and Glue/Cement required - sold separately.

$52.99 +HST